Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers for Horses

Equine Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

A horse is placed in a pressurised chamber and exposed to oxygen at several times normal atmospheric pressure. Oxygen is forced into the blood and other body fluids, destroying bacteria and helping to heal injuries such as Laminitis and foot injuries, Osteoarthritis, injuries of the Palmar or Planter and Annular Ligament.

Pegasus Hyperbaric Equine Chamber

The Pegasus is a unique, air conditioned chamber with 2 doors – entry and exit – designed for use by equine hospitals, vets, racing stables, polo yards, performance horse yards, studs and rehabilitation centres.

  • Fabricated from Q345 steel material

  • Exterior colour: silver grey

  • 5cm thick black rubberized floor + 1cm

  • Wall Protection: 5cm thick black upstanding on wall

  • Semi transparent silicon pad on wall and roof

  • External Diameter: 3020mm

  • External Height: 3000mm

  • Internal Diameter: approx. 2550mm

  • Internal Height: approx. 2050mm

  • Apparatus: cabinet, 2 doors

  • Drainage within the chamber

  • Pegasus is 1.5ata (2ata and 3ata also available)

    Installation Manual

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